Among Us – An Interstellar Survival Game For Friends

Among Us is a multiplayer game developed by InnerSloth

What is Among Us?

Among Us is a game developed by InnerSloth. Deception, stealth, survival, and trust are all elements of this space-themed multiplayer experience. In Among Us, you will fight to defend yourself from the innocent-looking, but not-so-innocent alien imposter(s). This is one of the best games to playfully betray your friends and have your friendships tested. Its like playing Super Mario Kart but without those pesky red shells! Play online or locally with 4-10 players in one lobby and enjoy the chaos. Among Us is easy to play, playable on almost any PC or Smart phone, and is very affordable. More about that in the next section. Today we’re going to tell you all about Among Us. We’ll talk about where to download and play, how much it will cost, how to play, and more!

Where can you get Among Us?

For PC players, you can obtain Among Us here on Steam. The game will cost you a very low $4.99 USD for hours of entertainment. I personally have always used a simple ratio to determine whether or not a game was worth the money I paid for it. The ratio is $1: 1 hour of entertainment and has helped me justify game purchases for years. There are games I have spent $15 USD on, have 400+ hours played, and continue to enjoy even to this day. This game is a STEAL for $5 USD.

For Mobile players, you can obtain Among Us for free from your respective app stores. That’s right, smart phone players can play for free and automatically play cross platform! Play with your friends no matter where they are or what they’re playing on!



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Cosmetics and in-app purchases

The cosmetic system in Among Us is very simple. Let’s break it down for you.

Changing your name:

Changing your name is quick and easy! Enter the Online section from the main menu and click the top field above Host to change your name. Your name is set to “Player” by default and may only be up to 10 characters long after changing.

Name Change - Among Us

Colors, Hats, Outfits, and Pets:

After joining a game, click or tap the laptop to customize your character.

Choose a color for your character. An (x) means the color is already taken in your lobby.

Choose from over 67 different hats! Hats have no limitations between lobby members.

Choose from 9 outfits or use the (x) to remove from character.

How to get pets in Among Us

Pets are $2.99 USD and support the game developer. Click or Tap the ($) symbol to see them. They do not affect gameplay in any way.

– How to Play – There are Imposters Among Us…

Chosen at random, you will play as a Crewmate or an Imposter. To get you started, a breakdown for each role is listed below.

Crewmates: What do you do?

Your job as a crewmate is to maintain your ship and identify imposters. This is done by completing random tasks that are scattered around your ship and discovering the bodies of fallen crewmates. You’ll see a progress bar, at the top left of your screen, increase with the more tasks you complete. View your tasks by tapping/clicking the map icon at the top right of your screen or pressing TAB on PC. Current tasks are labeled as a yellow exclamation mark ( ! ) scattered throughout the level. If the progress bar is completely filled, the Crewmates will win the game!

among us tasks progress bar
A progress bar will show how close the Crewmates are to winning the game!
map for tasks in Among Us
The map displays your current tasks to complete.

IMPORTANT: You can complete tasks still if you are killed by an imposter! Don’t AFK! While your character is a ghost, you may fly through walls to get to tasks easier and quicker.

Imposters: What do you do?

Your tasks as an imposter are dispatching crewmates and sabotaging the ship to distract them from doing tasks. Try using strategic methods to kill crewmates in hidden places is the most ideal way to play. You will have a number of tools to use for controlling what happens during the match. Imposters gain access to a vent system for faster map travel and deception. Be careful though, only Imposters can use vents and if you’re seen you will most likely be caught! Your sabotage options will change depending on what map the host has selected. Use the buttons on the bottom right to kill and sabotage.

Among Us Sabotage
Use your sabotages effectively!

Sabotages and their effects are a core part of how to play Imposter. Disabling the O2 for example will require Crewmates to enter a code at 2 different terminals. If they fail to do so within the time limit, the Imposters will win. The reactor sabotage requires 2 Crewmates to press and hold a button at the same time. This will also win the game for the Imposter(s) if not handled in time. Sabotaging the lights will restrict the view range of Crewmates dramatically. Use this to your advantage!

IMPORTANT: If you’ve been teamed up with another Imposter and have been voted off the ship, you can still use sabotages as a ghost! Help your alien buddies!

Emergency Meetings, Reporting, and Voting: A call to action!

The giant red button is the Emergency Meeting invoker. This button is used, most of the time, by Crewmates who have definitive evidence of a suspected Imposter. Use this button wisely, it has a cooldown and wasting it could get you voted off the ship.

Emergency meetings will stop the game and trigger a voting phase.

Reporting: I found a dead Crewmate!

When you stumble upon a dead crewmate, you’ll want to report it by tapping/clicking the megaphone button on the bottom right of your screen. Once you do this, the game will stop and discussion and voting will begin. When reporting a body, open the chat on the top right and give your team mates the information you have: where the body was, who did you see near that room last, etc. All players (except the dead), both crewmates and imposters, are present for discussion and voting.

Reporting a body in Among Us
Click that report button, fast!
Oh no!

Voting: Get ’em outta here!

Discussion and voting are time limited. You only have a certain amount of time to present facts, acquire information, and make a decision. If you all decide that there isn’t enough information to remove someone, then choose the Skip Vote button at the bottom. Whichever person/skip button receives the most votes will be chosen. Players with the most votes will be ejected from the ship. Tied votes will result in a skip.

Voting in Among Us

Win Conditions: Give me my trophy!

A win condition is a criteria that determines the winner of a match. Here are the win conditions for Among Us.

  1. Less than or equal to alive Imposters. If the number of alive Crewmates is less than or equal to the number of alive Imposters, then Imposters win the match.
  2. If a timed sabotage isn’t handled. Should the timer of a sabotage reach zero, the Imposters will win the match.
  3. Imposters eliminated. When all Imposters are voted off of the ship, the Crewmates will win the match. Imposters who have left the game count as eliminated.
  4. All tasks completed. If the Crewmates complete enough tasks to fill the progress bar, then they will win the match.

Common Issues when playing: I love Troubleshooting… I think?

  1. Cannot find that match: When your friends are hosting a private game and you know for a fact that it’s there and has spots, what do you do?
    1. Keep trying. Exit to the main menu and then go back into the online section and input the code again. Sometimes it takes a minute for your client to be able to connect.
  2. Disconnecting during games: Sometimes the servers of the game are under heavy load. Disconnects can happen to anyone playing the game. Try changing server regions or restarting your network.

The Success of Among Us and Popularity

First of all, congratulations to InnerSloth for making a simple, addicting, and successful indie title! We love your game here at! While researching for and crawling through pages I couldn’t help but notice the overwhelming amount of positive reviews for the game over on Steam, Google Play, and the Apple Store. So hats off to you, InnerSloth! I really enjoyed writing this blog and hopping into the game to grab screenshots for it! I’ll probably end up playing some more as soon as this is published, hehe.

Conclusion: Among Us is great.

Among Us is quite a fun experience. My friends and I have been playing it non-stop recently and I’m so glad we found it. It was only a matter of time before we discovered it because it is BLOWING UP on Twitch and YouTube! Content, content, content! It is a very simple formula which has turned into a successful game. InnerSloth has confirmed Among Us 2 in the announcement section in-game and we are very excited!

Anyways, thats all we have for now about Among Us. Take some time to check out more of our stuff here on and have a wonderful day!

Best Free PC Games You Can Play In 2020

The best free to play games that you can still play in 2020! We have all downloaded and tried tons of games over the years. These titles are still popular and thrive in 2020. Being stuck at home during quarantine, now is a great time to try some of these free titles. If you don’t enjoy the game, then it is simple to uninstall! No refund process is necessary!

Prepare to enjoy hours upon hours of games you can play for free. With the rise of digital downloads and increasing internet speeds, access to free high quality games is at your finger tips. Simply registering an account will allow you to play these nine games we’re listing here for you.

FortniteFree to play Third-person Shooter BR by Epic Games

Over the shoulder view and a fight for survival.

Fortnite is a free to play game created by Epic Games.

Exploding in popularity, this game has dominated the free to play market for gamers in a wide range of demographics. This title originally released as a Third Person Shooter, co-op tower defense game. After seeing the success of titles such as PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Epic Games took their game in the same direction. Fortnite is currently in Season 4 and awaiting new players to come and play. Whether you want to play competitively against others or play a few matches casually, this game may be for you.

How to play: Fortnite is a battle royale game. The objective, simplified, is for you or your team to be the last ones standing. You will start in a flying bus that has a predetermined path across the playing field. Players choose when to exit and fly to zones that contain loot, such as weapons/ammo and healing/shielding consumables. You’ll also want to use your melee weapon (pickaxe) to destroy buildings, trees, and other objects for building materials. The building modes will allow you to reinforce your position or protect yourself from in coming attacks. “The Storm” is a “motivator”. A motivator is a mechanic that will force players into a smaller area by making the map deadly. Standing in the storm will deplete your health while inside and deal more damage the longer the game has lasted. Drop in, loot, farm materials, survive to the end.

Here is a free video from YouTube to help you get started! Loot, farm, build, and WIN!

Reasons to try:

  1. Free to Play. This game costs nothing to play.
  2. Not pay-to-win. All microtransactions in this game are cosmetic only and do not affect gameplay. There are no advantages to gameplay by purchasing skins or emotes.
  3. Supports both casual and competitive players. Relaxing and dropping in and out of matches works well with Fortnite. Improving your skills, such as aiming, building, decision making, and resource management provide a place for competitive players to thrive.
  4. Playable on low-end PC builds, consoles, and mobile. This game supports cross-play between platforms.

League of LegendsFree to Play MOBA by Riot Games

Multiplayer Online Battle Arena. Strategy and decisions is what its all about.

League of Legends is a free to play MOBA by Riot Games

There is a lot to say about League of Legends or LoL. Revered as one of the best MOBA games of all time, it continues to grow its player base. Released in 2009, League of Legends peaked in popularity in 2013 and still holds interest for a lot of players. Currently boasting an amazing 140 different champions to play and master. Riot Games has quite a strong presence in the eSports world. Multi-million-dollar championships hosted by Riot have drawn in hundreds of thousands of viewers worldwide. They’ve even gone as far as making it onto ESPN+ for a televised event.

How to play: In a 5v5 match, players will fight for control of three lanes and jungles. The winning criteria is to destroy the enemy teams base or Nexus. Players must PvP and slay minions in order to purchase power-increasing items to gain advantage. Each lane is lined with automated towers that will attack players and minions. These towers must be destroyed to gain access to the enemy Nexus.

A high quality tutorial from YouTube to help you learn the ins and outs of League of Legends.

Reasons to try:

  1. Free to play, like everything else you’ll see on this list.
  2. Not pay-to-win. This game is supported by users who purchase skins and may unlock champions faster via Riot Points (RP). All champions are unlockable by playing the game without paying.
  3. Possibilities. The numbers of unique interactions you’ll have with players in this game very high. With 140 champions, the game allows you to explore many varieties and styles of gameplay. Counter picking or choosing an item build that is effective against enemies is ideal.
  4. Play with friends! League of Legends includes a friend and partying system for you to queue together with your friends. The giant population of this game allows you to find teammates to play with via social media or other platforms.

Apex Legends – First-Person Shooter BR by Respawn Entertainment

Unique characters and amazing movement!

Apex Legends is a free to play battle royale game by Respawn Entertainment.

Apex Legends took the Battle Royale scene by storm with its surprise launch in 2019. Introducing us to an exciting, fast paced extension of the Titanfall universe. With unique characters to choose from, you’ll find yourself picking a favorite after a while. Detailed effects to go along with each and every character ability, you’ll find yourself feeling like quite the badass. 14 Legends ranging from a dimension-hopping voidspeaker to a shield-throwing, airstrike-calling islander. The personalities in Apex Legends add that bit of extra detail that players really enjoy seeing from game developers. Great job, Respawn!

How to play: Firstly, this game operates the same way as other Battle Royales do. The first similarity is the winning criteria; survive and become the last player/team standing. You’ll find yourself escaping dangerous situations, achieving victory in over others, or waiting to be respawned by a teammate. Thats right, respawned! Apex Legends brought respawning your teammates into the genre. This is something we didn’t see in games like PUBG or Fortnite (something Epic Games added eventually). Again you will drop, loot, and fight for your right to be called an Apex Legend!

A detailed guide on characters and their unique abilities in Apex Legends!

Reasons to try:

  1. Free to play! Did you see that one coming? Be honest… Did you?
  2. Smooth Gameplay and movement. Respawn did a very good job at making this free game flow in terms of gameplay. A personal favorite is the ability to climb up a wall and grab the ledge to pull yourself up. This mechanic allows you as a player to really explore and benefit from the 3D space around you. Sliding down giant slopes for extra speed will allow you to catch enemies attempting to evade.
  3. Easy to pick up and put down. Aside from map alterations and weapon tweaks, this game’s core gameplay loop or functionality will always stay the same. Like the other Battle Royale games, you’ll see the trait with them as well.
  4. Not pay-to-win. For example, players cannot purchase advantages for real money. The microtransactions for Apex Legends are purely aesthetic/cosmetic.

Call of Duty: Warzone – Free First-Person Shooter BR by Infinity Ward

It’s like multiplayer Call of Duty but a Battle Royale!

Call of Duty: Warzone is a free battle royale game made by Infinity Ward.

The Call of Duty franchise has been around for many years. Simulating wars from our history and some fictional titles featuring sci-fi themes. The Modern Warfare series has been successful for Infinity Ward; putting them into a position to make a great free Battle Royale game. By combining multiplayer elements such as killstreaks and class loadouts, Warzone offers a unique Battle Royale experience. Gameplay is streamlined to be simple enough for anyone to pickup and enjoy.

How to play: Choose a place for you and your squad to land. Loot weapons, ammunition, and equipment to fight off other players. Collect cash to purchase teammate respawns, killstreaks, loadout drops, or consumables to stay alive. Loadout drops will allow you to select a class that can be changed before entering the game. Doing so will give you access to your custom weapons with attachments and most importantly, perks. Gaining perks is extremely important for your survival. You will be given another chance should you fall before obtaining victory. Claim your freedom in the Gulag in a 1v1 against another player. Conquer the competition and fight to the end.

Interested in Warzone? Check this video out from YouTube!

Reasons to try:

  1. Free. To. Play. Are you even listening?!
  2. An amazing BR for Call of Duty fans. The similarities between Warzone and traditional Call of Duty multiplayer are what draws a lot of people to it. Run and gun with your favorite SMG loadouts or pick off exposed players with long ranged weapons from the tree line!
  3. Content. The amount of players and content creators for Warzone draw a lot of appeal towards the game. If you find yourself wanting to take a break, you can always find and watch hilarious moments or professional players dominating. You’ll find comedic value or extremely helpful gameplay tips/mechanics to make the game more enjoyable.
  4. In and Out. We’ve talked about this before. Join and leave matches without penalties against you. Stay casual or stay competitive, its your choice!

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – Free First-Person Shooter by Valve

A free, strategic shooter with an economy and large community.

The Counter-Strike community and franchise has been around since 2000. Players from all over the world have created maps, modes, and more for each and every version. This post we’ll be talking about Counter-Strike: Global Offensive or CS:GO as it it commonly referred to. This version of Counter-Strike is the most successful of the franchise. Valve’s success using this formula has not gone unnoticed and has sparked many cash prize, world-class tournaments for players to compete in. As of December, 2018 CS:GO is now a free game that you can play on Valve’s platform Steam.

How to play: The flagship gamemode of CS:GO is a 5v5, best of 30 rounds match. Players are split into 2 factions; terrorists and counter-terrorists. The objective of the game is very simple. As the terrorist group, you will need to eliminate all CS (counter-terrorists) or plant a single, unique bomb and defend it until detonation. If your team is eliminated without planting the bomb or your bomb is defused, you will lose the round. On the opposite side of the match, the CS will need to defend their bomb sites A and B. The goal here is to prevent the Ts (terrorists) from planting or detonating their bomb at one of these bomb sites. The First team to reach 16 round wins will claim victory for the match.

A beginner’s tutorial for CS:GO!

Reasons to try:

  1. Free to Play. I don’t know what else to say at this point. It’s free.
  2. Profitable. Yes, you can make money from trading in CS:GO. The games economy revolves around trading skins and keys. Keys are used to open cases that have loot tables with extremely low chances of valuable, desirable weapon appearances.
  3. Good Source for Developing Teamwork Skills. CS:GO is a very team-oriented game. If you decide to play this game competitively, prepare to have your aiming, strategy, and communication skills tested.
  4. Community Servers. CS:GO, like its predecessors, has community run servers with custom game modes and maps. You will often find fun servers hosting minigames, places to trade, or a place to improve your skills before using the official matchmaking system.


This was a bit of a long one, but content is the main goal. There are many free games online for us to explore and we will be making more content to introduce and discuss them. Our next post will be exploring 5 more free games you can get on PC that are engaging and fun to play. Comment down below if you want to see something specific or have feedback about this post. Until next time, thanks for reading!

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