A New Beginning In The World of Blogging

Welcome to A Blog for Gamers. My name is Michael and its a pleasure to meet you.

This site’s main objective is to admire the many prospects of the wonderful games we all share and enjoy today. I made this website as a place to express my adoration and passion for a wide variety of genres. I’ve enjoyed First Person Shooters, MMORPGs, RPGs, Puzzles, Twin Stick Shooters, Platformers, Sandbox, and more.

The online world has exploded in popularity and genius content for decades now. From graphical improvements to sheer processing power, video game companies have continued to impress us all. We are living in the future. The future is now (old man).

My plans for this website are to make posts that I feel contribute to the gaming ecosystem. In other words, I want to generate interest in games both old and new! It will take me some time to fully understand how to build and optimize this site. A lot of new information to learn and master has been presented to me. Lastly, improvments to the site are a priority of mine.

While learning and developing skills, new features may come and go while this site is built. Elements may appear and disappear with time to improve the flow of the website. The time to test my self discipline and patience has come and I am excited to try something new!

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